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The Website Master offer Websites, Graphic Design and Office Services.
Outstanding value, helpful and friendly - phone, email or call in to find out more.




"Creative design has to be appealing to all tastes to make a useful marketing tool."

Dorothy has a natural flair for creative and artistic design, as she comes from a Scottish family of artists and educators. Her outstanding natural skills have been harnessed in various crafts and a number of different mediums. The use of shape, flow, colour and style give her website designs that "wow factor" on the web - that can make your website stand out and grab your market.

Qualified in Business Administration and an experienced administrator, Dorothy works to produce, presentations, business systems, documentation and graphic designs to the highest standards and of outstanding - eye catching - quality.

"Well engineered business solutions should be available to small businesses."

Robin's parents owned a general grocery shop in the Malvern Hills. His education was of a scientific and engineering nature but he never lost his love of small businesses. Working in manufacturing and heavy industry, Robin achieved skills and qualifications in management, efficiency and analysis. After a brief period working with people in an educational role, Robin returned to his passion of helping the small business owners.

Computer coding, Adobe Master Suite, graphic design and image manipulation are used by Robin to create websites that are optimised and perform well in web searches. He also produces easy to use spreadsheets and offers business advice.



The Website Master

As a Company we deeply thank our customers. Our growth has come about through your support, our experience has come through meeting your demands and our style is a result of your vision.
The Website Master Ltd, started small by making simple web pages for local companies, sole traders and charities in Ayrshire. We aimed to provide a service for busy, skilled people who didn't have the time or the knowledge to create a website.
Through a simple meeting with our customer, we would design, write the text and use images to create a template which the customer would approve. This method worked really well and as time went on we kept to this personal approach. As the internet became more complex The Website Master had to adapt to the new technology, we bought new software and learnt new packages to provide modern looking websites. Eventually, we integrated our design, artistic and literary skills with the "tech stuff" to provide a unique and bespoke service.

The Website Master offers outstanding value. Once your website has been created to your specifications, we only charge a small annual fee for domain retention and hosting. In fact, We are much cheaper than our local competition and over the course of two years we work out cheaper than DIY website options, oh, and we do the work so you don't have to!

The personal touch, communication and keeping our customers happy is what we are all about. This has worked and we know it will continue to work because at the heart of local businesses are people. Busy, hard working people who realise that they are better doing their jobs in a professional way and let us do our job to help them.





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Core Office Hours: 10.00 am to 4.00 pm Monday to Friday, other times by appointment.