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Animations, graphics and videos that will create a splash on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Instagram and the rest!
A little help with your social media marketing.


A Vlog Header

A short video to go in front of a vlog on youtube. Why not add a little class and sophistication to your vlog by starting it with a header? You can set the tone and feeling of your presentation as well as making it stand out from all the others. A short vlog header, in-vlog graphics and additional text can be added to your vlog to emphasise your point and advertise your company, Facebook page and website.

The Website Master can help you turn your vlog into an excellent marketing tool for your company.



A Facebook Video Header (or Twitter, Linked-in and Instagram)

Did you know that Facebook business pages allow you to have a video header? Make the most of your video header by turning it into a graphic presentation. This gives a lot more interest to your page than a static photo and can tell your customers what you do, your offers and your unique selling points.

It is not just your friends who find your business page on Facebook, so make your business standout and look professional. The longer a customer spends on your page, the more likely they are to contact you!



Animated Adverts

Using your own photos, The Website Master can produce an animated advert. You see these more and more on independent and freeview tv. They are economical to produce, highly effective and an excellent option for small to medium sized businesses as a first venture into advertising. You can use and re-use this type of advert on Social Media, your website and direct marketing to increase brand awareness and raise sales interest.

You will be delighted at what we can produce to make your business look "the business".




Profile Pics & Headers

Add a touch of style to your social media and make your company look much more professional with a custom made profile picture and header.

This looks especially good when replying to customer enquiries or reacting to posts.

Blair Profile Pic Blair Header  



Graphics over Pictures

Posts on social media attract far more attention with an image. If you include your details and logo on the image, you give your potential customers an immediate contact point. With a good quality image, that tells customers who you are and what you do, the work is done even before your customers start reading the post!

It is a modern and visual world on the internet and you need your social media coverage to look sharp, attract customers and represent well, showing your company as standing out from your competitors.

Contact The Website Master today for all your social media graphics and images.




Just for fun - here is the first advert we did for social media!



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